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All the benefits you are looking for to optimize your business.


View the real-time location of your assets and get immediate reports on distance traveled, unauthorized stops, work time, and more. In addition, personalize your reports with our business intelligence module, designed to adapt to the needs of our customers.

We have a platform for fleet control of vehicles, individual vehicles, motorcycles and assets.

Within our platform you will find the necessary tools to maintain control of your vehicles and optimize your assets in the best way.

  • Locate your assets in real time on digital cartography.

  • Visualize the speedometer in real time.

  • Display the vehicle odometer online.

  • View the fuel online.

  • Visualize traffic in real time.

  • Track online 24/7.

  • Maps with satellite images for better accuracy.

  • Select any of your vehicles to see their historical places.

  • See historical places of any date range.

  • See step by step the activity performed by the vehicle on the map.

  • View the detailed activity as a report on the same screen.

  • View on the map the exact routes that your vehicles took on a specific date.

  • Access all this information through your mobile devices.


Create unlimited real-time alerts such as:

  • Panic button.

  • Speeding Accelerated sharply.

  • Sudden braking On off.

  • Slow motion.

  • Battery disconnection / connection.

  • Entry and exit of geofences.

  • Among other.

  • Create, configure and edit geofences.

  • Choose different shapes for your geofences.

  • Send alerts when your vehicles enter or leave the configured geofences.

  • Zone Control. 

  • Control of visits to customers.

  • Control of entry and exit of parking lots.

  • Create maintenance tasks and assign them to each vehicle.

  • Create maintenance alerts based on recorded maintenance tasks.

  • Odometer alerts (Oil Change)

  • Alerts of specific dates (Soat, technical-mechanical, among others)

  • Observe the entire fleet of vehicles on a single map with the option to view them one by one.

  • Observe the behavior of each vehicle from the monitoring center with this function.

Persona Comprobación de Datos
Management Reports

Obtain management reports graphically and with the possibility of exporting to excel, about:

  • Excess speed.

  • Stops.

  • Panics.

  • Acceleration and braking.

  • On and off.

  • Working time.

  • Distance.

  • Fuel.

Analizando grafos
Business Intelligence
  • Generate customized reports according to the needs, formats and approaches of the company to make monitoring and control of your assets easier.

  • Optimize the decision-making process in your business with Business Intelligence, which transforms your data into information and knowledge.

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